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At the Pixies Den we offer full or part-time care five days a week. We can also offer school drops and collects if our numbers allow 

We are flexible in our delivery but currently open at 08.00 and close our doors at 18.00.

We would be happy to discuss your individual family needs if you require care outside of these times.

 We collect from two local schools and would be happy to discuss which if you enquire directly.

Our current fees are available on application and we do offer a sibling reduction if we care for more than one family member.

Included in our fees are all snacks and meals within our day, art materials and trips to local attractions. 


Included in our fees are all snacks and meals.

We offer:

Second breakfast (for our early starters or those little ones who don't like to eat as soon as they wake)

Morning snacks 


Afternoon tea ( a light meal designed to enable the 'Pixies' to last or until family dinner)

              Evening meal if required maybe available                  ~please enquire.

We share our menus with our families so you can plan family meals knowing what the children have eaten. Also so you can highlight any likes or dislikes that your child may have and to eliminate allergies or intolerance. 

During the course of our days we will also cook and prepare food together. We believe that children should have a healthy understanding of their food, its origins and how it is prepared. We all sit together to eat whenever possible recognising that social mealtimes enhance a healthy attitude to food and eating. 

We currently cater for Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free diets. We would be happy to discuss any dietary issues or requirements your child requires.

Outings and Playdates

We attend several local attractions through the year. 

Admission to them is included in our fees (with one exception) and we will give good notice of when and where we go.

We regularly meet with other childminders and families at their setting or our own setting and in Pixies Wood. We will work hard to encourage your child's social contacts and support them in making friends.

Art and Crafts. 

We offer handwork daily  which can encompass all aspects of art and craft. We will try to help your child to develop an artistic confidence. We do however believe in the process being important not just the end product. We use paint, collage and other media, but also draw and paint in sand, mud, and with just water. We use natural weaving in grass and sticks and also use modelling wax modelling materials. We also make bread and other foods that are often shared long before your 'Pixies' come home. There may not often be a 'product'  We do how ever aim to record efforts along the way by using digital recording.

 We promise each day that your child will learn something. 

On some days they will carry it home in their hands, 

On some days they will carry it home in their heads, 

On some they will carry it home in their hearts.

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